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Music Video: Dino Cazares Plays With Epica

Famed former Fear Factory and Roadrunner United guitarist Dino Cazares (now playing full time with Divine Heresy) went on stage with symphonic metal band Epica for a special rendition of Fear Factory hit Replica. Yes, I had the same reaction. Anyway, here is the video.


Review: The Faceless – Akeldama (2006)


The “Progressive Death Metal” genre is a as niche as you can get. A genre dominated by the Swedish juggernaut that is Opeth, when one thinks of bands that fall into this genre not too many other names come to mind. However, in 2006 a band from Los Angeles, California cemented their name in the top ranks of the Progressive Death genre. That band is The Faceless. With their 2006 release, Akeldama, The Faceless instantly became a force to be reckoned with in the death metal scene as a whole. From start to finish, Akeldama does not disappoint in the least. The technical death metal aspects mixed with progressive song writing and some of the most brutal vocals I have ever heard create an unforgettable, addictive sound. The varied sounds of each song on the album are fantastic. Each song flows into the next “brutifally.” I cannot say enough about this band and this album. If you have any interest in death metal whatsoever whether its classic death metal like Cannibal Corpse or the newer variety of “Deathcore,” such as All Shall Perish, make it a point to listen to this album. Now. Go buy it.



Notable Tracks: All of them really but if I had to choose three: Pestilence, All Dark Graves and Leica

Similar Bands: Cannibal Corpse, Opeth, All Shall Perish

1. An Autopsy

2. Pestilence

3. All Dark Graves

4. Horizons of Chaos I: Oracle of the Onslaught

5. Horizons of Chaos II: Hypocrisy

6. Leica

7. Akeldama

8. Ghost of a Stranger


Michael Keene – Guitar

Steve Jones – Guitar

Derek Rydquist – Vocals

Brandon Giffin – Bass

Navene Koperwies – Drums ( Track 4 ) (of Animosity)

Andy Taylor – Drums ( Track 2 & 5 ) (of Diskreet)

Brett Batdorf – Drums ( Track 1, 3, 6 & 8 )

Sumerian Records


Review: As I Lay Dying – An Ocean Between Us (2007)


 As I Lay Dying is one of those bands that you either love…..or love to hate. For some strange reason they are often spoken in the same breath as Atreyu and Bullet For My Valentine; love them or hate them, people dislike this band for the wrong reasons. Most people associate As I Lay Dying with mainstream pop sensibilities that the previously mentioned bands, as well as Killswitch Engage, have used to their advantage to gain major record label attention. In reality, As I Lay Dying are merely a California metalcore band taking advantage of what they can while it lasts. Is there anything wrong with that? Let me answer that question for you, after listening to their latest release, An Ocean Between Us the answer is a resounding no.

Featuring a barrage of standard hardcore vocals, the album is not a major change from the formula that we have seen from the band previously, however, the chops and aggression have grown exponentially. Sometimes in the course of a band’s history, especially in the metal community, bands being exposed to a mainstream sound are often overcome with the urge to conform. As I Lay Dying has shown that special ability tht only a few bands possess–being able to combine popular likeability (i.e. your kid sister will like some of the melodious hooks), while you can switch to the next track and be blown away by an old school thrash riff punching you square in the jaw. I will admit that before An Ocean Between Us I only had a passing interest in this band because they sounded too generic to me. Well, the truth is, I just never gave the band the proper time of day to appreciate their efforts. Well, I can safely say now, that I will pay attention to all forthcoming releases after this one.

While the first two songs make up a pretty standard issue melodic enfused distraction from dangerous headbanging, the next track, “Within Destruction” will surely reduce your shoulder blades to a case of the wiggly jello jigglies. Upon first hearing this track, I was surprised to hear how closely it resembled oldschool thrash! Yes, it was still metalcore, but the metallic thrash side of things really showed through causing me to realize that not only was As I Lay Dying not intent on hitting the mainstream with sicky sweet choruses, but they were also showing their hardcore fanbase that the metal wasn’t anywhere close to dying. How can you not respect that kind of attitude?

In conclusion (don’t you hate it when people end shit like that? It sounds so stupid!), our little new wave of metal in the U.S. is not going anywhere if bands like As I Lay Dying continue to pump out hard hitting riffs that don’t clone Euro melodic death metal time and time again. Melody is fine, but give the folks some thrash to dance to while you are at it. The boys from Cali have got the formula. Good on you fellas!


Memorable Songs: Within Destruction, Bury Us All, The Sound of Truth

Sounds like: Walls of Jericho, All That Remains, Destruction, Killswitch Engage

  1. Separation – 1:15
  2.  Nothing Left – 3:43
  3. An Ocean Between Us – 4:13
  4. Within Destruction – 3:54
  5. Forsaken – 5:18
  6. Comfort Betrays – 2:50
  7. I Never Wanted – 4:44
  8. Bury Us All – 2:23
  9. The Sound of Truth – 4:20
  10. Departed – 1:40
  11. Wrath Upon Ourselves – 4:01
  12. This Is Who We Are – 4:54

Tim Lambesis: Vocals 
Jordan Mancino: Drums
Josh Gilbert: Bass
Phil Sgrosso: Guitar
Nick Hipa: Guitar
Metal Blade Records


What happened to the “Death” in Melodic Death Metal?

Melodic Death Metal is a term that has been tossed around rather liberally in the last few years, especially with the rising popularity of bands such as In Flames, Soilwork and Dark Tranquillity from Sweden in the United States. Bands from Atreyu to The Black Dahlia Murder have infused their various chosen forms of aural mayhem with influences directly taken from the classic and mis-represented fourth album of At the Gates, Slaughter of the Soul. Even bands that are considered to be grindcore (The Red Chord, Job For A Cowboy), often bring melody into their music that can obviously be linked back to the Gothenburg scene in Sweden.

While there is nothing especially wrong with bringing such powerful influences into your own music, I think that the side effects on the culture revolving around the music are interminably corrupted by the false understanding of what it means to be melodic and heavy at the same time. For a better understanding of what I mean, many people cite two very disturbing (to WarGlory) examples as bold purveyors of melodic death metal; Chimaira and Children of Bodom.

These two bands are bands that, while being in the scene for quite some time, are just beginning to find their niche in the American mainstream, unfortunately they are coming into their own right around the time of the great melodic death pandemic. You see, most fans don’t remember back to 2001 when Chimaira were all but booed off the stage when they opened for Slayer on their God Hates Us All tour, for they were darlings of the nu-metal movement at the time and were thus completely shunned by the underground metal elitists (rightly so in my opinion). In the last 2-3 years though, they have become inextricably labeled as being melodic death metal because they added some solo’s to their albums, and a bit of melody. Other than that, what is so death metal about Chimaira? The same can be stated about Children of Bodom. While otherwise a great band on record and live, CoB are simply not, and never have been melodic death metal! So many people will argue until they are blue in the face against my opinion, but the facts can be represented by simply breaking out their discography and listening! There is very very little actual death metal in the unrelenting haze of melody that encompasses every CoB album. With that said, let me articulate on the main purpose of this thread…what happened to the death metal?

Well, the truth is, death metal hasn’t gone anywhere, nor has the melody attached to it. It hasn’t gone off to greener pastures, nor has it been diluted by the masses of bands claiming to hold this title. The catch is that we are now in a phase where the scene is dominating the popular culture of the genre, and unfortunately the masses are the voice of reason when in doubt, no matter how ignorant and uneducated that opinion may be.

Here is a list of true melodic death metal albums, past and present, to give you something to lick your chops over:

  • Sentenced – North From Here (1993)
  • Dark Tranquillity – The Gallery (1995)
  • Carcass – Heartwork (1993)
  • At the Gates – Slaughter of the Soul (1995)
  • Cryptopsy – None So Vile (1996)*
  • Dissection – The Somberlain (1993)
  • Amon Amarth – Versus the World (2002)
  • The Black Dahlia Murder – Miasma (2005)
  • Arch Enemy – Burning Bridges (1999)
  • In Flames – Jester Race (1996)

*Not a melodic death metal release, but the song Phobophile is very melodic.


WarGlory’s Top 10 of 2007 (so far)


1. Circus Maximus - Isolate

2. Abigor - Fractal Possession

3. 3 Inches of Blood - Fire Up the Blades

4. Municipal Waste - The Art of Partying

5. Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos

6. Threshold - Dead Reckoning

7. As I Lay Dying - An Ocean Between Us

8. Behemoth - The Apostasy

9. Megadeth - United Abominations

10. Agent Steel - Alienigma


1. Iced Earth - Framing Armageddon

2. Aria - Armageddon

3. Kruger - Redemption Through Loooseness

4. Machine Head - The Blackening







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