Review: Agent Steel – Alienigma (2007)


Often, old school metal bands who attempt a resurgence in popularity are sometimes held back by the mentality that they need to conform to modern standards in order to achieve a new level of popularity with a new breed of listeners (i.e. Metallica, 90’s era Megadeth, In Flames, Soilwork). And then there are those bands who become bored with their sound, so they attempt change with results that leave a bad taste in the listener’s mouth (i.e. Flotsam and Jetsam and Extol). However, every once and awhile a band is able to not only find a resurgence in quality music, but also an evolution in sound, this is evident with Megadeth‘s last two albums. However, deep in the underground, a band that once “was” in the 80’s, is now making a similar comeback as Megadeth has done. This band has retained the basic essence of their original sound, but has found a new heart and soul in modern metal. This band is Agent Steel.

Agent Steel‘s 2007 album, Alienigma, can best be described as a cross between old school Agent, with modern influences from Nevermore, modern Overkill for the thrashy bits and traditional vocals, as well as some blackish metal styled growls thrown in to add some additional attitude. While Alienigma features a great, fresh take on speed and thrash metal, Agent Steel‘s comeback has been a bit rocky for this reviewer. 1999’s Omega Conspiracy took the band’s sci-fi theme to a whole new level…in fact, in went inter-stellar to the Planet of Cheese. The attitude that was prevalent in their first two albums in the 80’s at the height of thrash and speed’s popularity wasn’t as apparent, leaving an over-abundance of badly written power metal. However, the band received some good feedback I guess, and released Order of the Illuminati which was a step in the right direction. In 2007 though, Agent Steel has found their new niche, and their proper sound. There is a heavy dose of Nevermore in this album, which is entirely appropriate, as well as more thrash than has been heard in a long while by this band. And, of course, what is Agent Steel without a healthy dose of traditional speed metal?

Alienigma represents a fantastic leap forward for this band. Now, if they can only market this album to the masses with some music videos on Headbanger’s Ball and the internet, these guys can get some major label attention and really find that popularity that bands like Exodus, Overkill and Annihilator are beginning to feel with the newer metal fans. Agent Steel has made me a fan all over again, and many bands lose heart before they can achieve that again. Good luck boys, and keep making proper metal!


Top Tracks: Wash the Planet Clean, Extinct, Tiamat’s Fall
Similar Bands: Nevermore, Overkill, Exodus

1. Fashioned From Dust 04:44
2. Wash the Planet Clean 05:25
3. Hail to the Chief 06:37
4. Wormwod 06:08
5. Liberty Lying Bleeding 04:59
6. Hybridized 06:06
7. Tiamats Fall 05:37
8. WPD 05:23
9. Lamb to the Slaughter 04:08
10. Extinct 03:53

Bruce Hall – vocals
Juan Garcia – guitars
Bernie Versailles – guitars
Karlos Medina – bass
Rigo Amezcua – drums

Mascot Records


4 Responses to “Review: Agent Steel – Alienigma (2007)”

  1. 1 JJ
    November 1, 2007 at 8:05 pm

    So very glad to see Agent Steel back in action!!! Really like their music! The newer stuff is just as good or better than the old! Their basic sound is the same, yet improved and evolved.

  2. 2 ICED
    December 7, 2007 at 1:32 am

    ICED EARTH on of the worst albums? You’re fukin kidding me. In the top 50 of the year easily

  3. 3 ICED
    December 7, 2007 at 1:35 am

    and KRUGER? Another highlight album of the year standing out over the thousands of garbage releases. Whats wrong with this site ? Worst? LOL.

  4. May 13, 2008 at 7:34 pm

    nonsignatory custodier thanatomantic socinianism sivapithecus maia sanatoria polycladida
    Que Sera Sera

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